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This  Is  Me

Although I always loved writing, it took me ages to take myself seriously as a writer. Growing up in a single-parent family with money very tight meant my first priorities were figuring out how I could feel more secure with money. I didn't know any writers, or people who worked in those areas. People like journalists felt a million miles away from who I was.

I love travelling and managed to live abroad for a few years teaching English after graduating. Then I got into secondary school teaching. Once my educatino was over, I stopped taking creative writing classes and relegated writing to my journal and a few scribbles here and there.


Over ten years later I was miserable. Ground down by the stresses of teaching, unable to reach the kids in a creative way, bogged down by assessments and exams. I felt a bit lost. So I decided to quite my job and do a Masters in Creative Writing. Not only did I complete a draft of a novel, I also found some role models – normal people like me who were making their mark as writers.


Since then, I've crammed in as much writing as I can. I've run writing workshops for University students, teenagers and adults, and started coaching others to help them live a creative life. I carried on teaching part-time until September 2020 when the combination of turning 40, the pandemic and a sense that life is too short meant I quit my job and started out as a freelancer.

Now, I split my time in a few ways. I'm in the process of negotiating a contract for my first novel, while writing the second draft of a travel memoir. I also write short fiction and articles on writing, feminism and modern living. I run workshops, run feedback and coaching services for other writers and am developing creative writing courses.

I'm most proud of Write By You, a project I set up to finally be able to help out other girls like me at the start of their writing journey. A group of underrepresented girs in North London had workshops with professional writers and will get their work published. We're now a company and will be expanding next year.

If you're interested in my work or services, do get in touch. I'm also happy to accept commissions for stories and articles. Can't wait to hear from you!


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