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For almost twenty years I've been an educator, helping people to realise their creative goals. I also have a Masters in Creative Writing, eight years of writing experience and a range of publications. Let me help you on your creative journey.

My 'Scribbles' workshops are fun, relaxing and use a variety of techniques you can take away to use in your everyday writing routines. You'll leave with a new chunk of writing related to a theme and ideas on how to develop your work. It's also a great way to connect with other creatives. Here's why I'm passionate about helping others to write.

Check out my other specialised workshops: non fiction writing (Turning Yourself Into A Book), Powerful Short Stories for passionate writing that comes from the things you care about (my debut novel is about sexual assault told in dual narrative, you can buy it here), and Self-Editing For Writers, to help you towards a foolproof personal toolkit to make all your stories shine. My book on self-editing can also be bought here